Welcome to the website of The DustJackets!  We're an Americana band based in Amarillo, Texas, and we are not your Dad's Pontiac---our influences come from trad country & folk rock, mixed with some Blues, Jazz, & a hint of Memphis soul. We love words and wordplay, coffee, indie & used bookstores, neon at twilight, and life through a windshield. Thanks for stopping in & we hope to meet you down the road!


Welcome to the newest Jacket:  Drummer John Lerma!  This guy is a veteran of some legendary Amarillo bands, like Loudmouth Lisa & Lonesome Goat. He's also a superb musician & we're thrilled to add him to our musical family. 


2017 NEWS - We've got lot of irons in the fire this year: We're playing a number of shows for the city of Amarillo, including annual biggies like Starlight Theater, High Noon on the Square, and the CREATE! Arts Festival.  We'll also be opening the very first Yellow City Sounds Music Festival on Saturday, September 2nd! Sponsored by Panhandle PBS, this will be a fantastic festival, with Austin's Band of Heathens as the headliner.  Add several Rocky Mountain runs, and a recording session in the DFW area--the long-awaited Tone Deaf Cowboy album is going to become a reality, FINALLY!!!  2017 is looking pretty sweet.  Thanks for your continued support!




Amy's song "The More Things Change" (title track of her solo album) earned an Honorable Mention in the 2016 Woody Guthrie Songwriting Competition!  


We had 3 different songs place in their categories in this year's Walnut Valley Festival (Winfield) NewSongs competition!! We're still picking our jaws up off the ground & feeling pretty blessed. Here are they are, preceded by their categories:

    2nd PLACE None of the Above: The More Things Change - Amy Coffman

    2nd PLACE Sweet Memories: Ethic (Work Hard) - Amy Coffman

    2nd PLACE Instrumental: Ed Michel - Larry Martin

2nd PLACE: South Fork Music Association SoulStice Festival Songwriting Competition, 2015 - Illusion of Love - Larry Martin;  Parallel Tracks & Travelogue -Amy Coffman

HONORABLE MENTION: Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Songwriting Competition, 2015 - Misery & Gold -Larry Martin

And Amy is just back from Nashville where she has begun recording her second solo album, Travelogue!